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Classes and individual or group courses On-line

The student has the possibility to choose any modality in the language he or she wishes to learn.

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On-line pronunciation workshops

The aim of the pronunciation workshops is to reinforce and consolidate the phonetic knowledge acquired.

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On-line Conversation Club

For us, one of the most important skills in a language is "speaking", that is why we have created conversation clubs where students can put into practice what they have learned in the language.

Mister Tongues Experience

"The classes are excellent with the teacher. He teaches very well, the classes are very clear and enjoyable and above all that vocation for teaching makes the classes very wonderful."

Gino Y.

"The workshops helped me develop basic French to be able to defend myself when I was in France."
 Ana Sonia Y.

"The dynamics of the classes are very good and fun, you learn a lot".

Dainer F.

"The courses are excellent, they prepare didactic material that is easy to learn."


Lucetty B.

"Interactive classes with examples that help to have a better understanding of the language. With their help, I was able to increase my English level in a short time".


Macarena M.

Why we love languages?

In "Mister Tongues" we think that languages are very important because they provide a better opportunity not only for work but also for personal development.

It is not only learning a language, it is learning a little more about the culture and customs of a country, that is why we are convinced that the best way to get to know a country is through its language.

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